Care Guide

How can you make your panama hat last longer?
Panama Hats are a work of art made by the hands of a talented artisan that put much time and effort into making it beautiful and unique. These hats are made with natural fibers and you could potentially damage the straws if mishandled through time. To have your hat looking its best longer these are some tips you should follow:

Don't Crush It

Panama Hats are very flexible but it shouldn’t be crush in a bag, lay on it, etc. You must not put heavy objects on any surface of the hat. It could potentially deform it.

Don't Pinch It

Do not pinch your hat. It is recommended to gently grab it from the top with a open-soft grip or from the brims with two hands. Remember that this hats are made with natural fibers and if it is too dry you could brake the straws if mishandled..

Don't Bend Or Strain

If you wish to reshape the brim of the hat, ROLL IT gently (do not pinch) to regain the desired shape. However, if you want to keep the original shape of the hat, avoid bending or straining.

Removing Wrinkles

To remove small wrinkles or regain the hat’s shape, place a damp cloth on the hat’s brim and iron it at a very moderate temperature, then reshape it with your hands delicately.

Avoid High Moisture or Extremely Dry Places

It’s recommended to keep your hat in a room with a moderate moisture level. Don’t leave the hat in the sun in a closed atmosphere (for example: in the back of a car). The straws will dry up and will be prone to breakage. ”Toquilla Straw”  is the natural material your hat is made of, to preserve its natural flexibility, don’t let it dry completely. Avoid this and the hat will last longer in great shape.

Don't Get It Wet
It is recommended not to use your hat under rainy conditions, it could lose its shape. Don’t let it come in contact with water, and in the event that it does, leave the hat in the shade until it has dried.

Tips On Cleaning Your Hat

To clean the dry spots off your hat, use a soft damp cloth with very mild soap. You could also try rubbing small dirt spots with a white eraser very softly.