Can you roll a Panama Hat?

Posted by Xavier on 8/14/2018
Panama hats have a long standing fame of having this rollable feature, but this has been a long time misunderstanding among people.

The Legend

Posted by Xavier on 10/25/2013
The History of “Panama” Hats…
Made out of vampire skin? Well, they are translucent, light and airy. But, they are actually made of “Paja Toquilla” or by the plant scientifically named, “Carludovica Palmata.”
However, legend has it that Spanish conquistadores thought that they were made of vampire skin when they saw the Incans wearing the hats predecessor.

The Famous Panama Hat: Glamour. Fashion. Fame.

Posted by Jackie Lopez on 11/7/2012

The 1940’s was a time when fashion turned a glamorous corner and the Panama hat was part of this beautiful change. More and more, people were dressing up in classy suits and lovely dresses and wearing fine looking hats. The Panama hat had become very popular and quickly started to venture into Hollywood films.

Rolling up a Panama Hat

Posted by Jackie Lopez on 11/4/2012
Many people ask if our Panama hats can be rolled up when stopping by our stores. Our response in one word: Yes. Then we follow with: But do you really want to? These hats are made of natural fibers of "Paja Toquilla", a plant only found in parts of Ecuador and woven completely by hand. They are the “King of Straw hats.” Would you throw an Armani suit into a luggage? I wouldn’t. These are fine hats that should be cared for properly to keep the Paja from wearing and your hat looking great for a long time. When you roll up a Panama continuously the potential to deform the shape of the crown increases. But we know some of you love a Panama that could roll up. Let us explain further...

The Oldest Panama: The Classic Fedora

Posted by Jackie Lopez on 11/3/2012
About 400 years ago Spaniards were said to have seen these hats predecessors on the heads of the indigenous Incas of Atahualpa. Not more than a century later, in 1630, the hat reappears in new form. It was like the hat was reborn more practical and stylish. Those of the indigenous were long hats that went down shoulder length and didn’t have any brims.

The History Behind Panama Hats

Posted by Jackie Lopez on 11/1/2012
Panama Hats are traditional brimmed hats that have been made by hand in Ecuador for centuries. These beautiful hats date back to the early 1600’s.  After the Spaniards’ conquest of the Panama Canal they wanted to extend their search further south to discover other riches they had heard mention of and that would begin the interesting relation between Panama and Ecuador.

The “Dumont” Panama Hat

Posted by Jackie Lopez on 10/31/2012

This classic Panama Hat, Dumont, also known as “The Gambler,” was named after Alberto Santos Dumont. Born in Minas Gerais and raised on his family’s coffee plantation in Sao Paulo state, he was inspired by his father’s mechanical knowledge and became fascinated with motors and engineering.