Rolling up a Panama Hat

Posted by Jackie Lopez on 11/4/2012

Rolling up a Panama hat

Many people ask if our Panama hats can be rolled up when stopping by our stores. Our response in one word: Yes.  Then we follow with: But do you really want to? These hats are made of natural fibers of "Paja Toquilla", a plant only found in parts of Ecuador, woven completely by hand.  They are the “Kings of Straw hats.” Would you throw an Armani suit into a luggage? I wouldn’t. These are fine hats that should be cared for properly to keep the Paja from wearing and your hat looking great for a long time. When you roll up a Panama repeatedly, the potential to deform the shape of the crown increases.

That said, we know some of you love a Panama that could roll up, and we could see the convenience that comes of that, so you ultimately can roll up any Panama hat, if you are not worried about the original shape that the hat has when you first buy it. In the end, these are matters of personal style and functionality, as some like to gain that vintage look as their Panama gets the wear and tear that comes from rolling it. There are also certain models, like the “Champion Panama Hat,” that were made for easier rolling. The crease that it has across the center of the crown and the rounded shape allow these hats to be rolled without worry of losing its shape.

However you love to use and wear your Panama hat is up to you. For those of you that want to roll up your Panama here are tips on how to do that to preserve the Paja:

1. If your hat is too dry it is not recommended to roll it as it could strain the hats fibers and they could potentially break. If this is the case, take a soft white towel and moisten it. Place it over your hat for it to absorb the moisture. You can also use a steam machine or boil water in a pot and hold the hat over it to steam it. This will also moisten your hat and make it softer and easier to roll.

2. The hat may be rolled or folded carefully by placing one hand inside and pushing the crown outwards. Then make sure to push all the brims downward and flatten the hat gently.
3. Now you’re ready to roll it from one side to the other forming a cone shape.
4. Your rolled Panama is ready to conveniently be placed in your luggage or pocket.
*To fold it, start the same way and when the hat is flat (#3), gently fold once in the middle bringing brims together. This is another good way to transport your hat in luggage.

Some celebs that like wearing their Panama hats with a worn, vintage look: