The Famous Panama Hat: Glamour. Fashion. Fame.

Posted by Jackie Lopez on 11/7/2012
The 1940’s was a time when fashion turned a glamorous corner and the Panama hat was part of this beautiful change. More and more, people were dressing up in classy suits and lovely dresses and wearing fine looking hats. The Panama hat had become very popular and quickly started to venture into Hollywood films. The famous Clark Gable wore a “Monte Carlo” style Panama hat in the film “Gone with the Wind” in 1939.
Sydney Greenstreet wore an “Optimo” style, also known as a “Colonial”, and his co-star, Paul Henried, wore a “Classic Fedora Panama”, in the 1943 film “Casablanca”.

In the 1953 film, “The Naked Jungle”, Charles Heston and Eleanor Parker both wore the “Monte Carlo” style Panama.

The Panama increasingly became part of wardrobe for many Hollywood stars adding to the appeal of the character they were playing. To this day the Panama’s are still being used in film as they add a prestigious, classy, or even provocative look.
 In the more recent film “Legend of Bagger Vance” many actors wore the Classic and Optimo style. Even the mad man in the movie “Hannibal,” played by the amazing actor Anthony Hopkins, wore a Classic Panama hat, giving the character a cool and sophisticated look.
In and out of the movies the Panama has stood strong through the times in Hollywood. Celebrities everywhere love to add a good Panama to their outfits.

Why wouldn’t anyone after all? These hats are so wonderful for any occasion. Besides the fabulous look they give, they are also light and breathable and do a great job of protecting from the sun.

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