The “Dumont” Panama Hat

Posted by Jackie Lopez on 10/31/2012


       Our panama hat, Dumont, also known as “Ambassador", was named after Alberto Santos Dumont.  Born in Minas Gerais and raised on his family’s coffee plantation in Sao Paulo state, he was inspired by his father’s mechanical knowledge and became fascinated with motors and engineering. He soon began to dream of flight and later experienced his dream come true on October 22, 1906, succeeding in flying a “heavier-than-air machine”. Santos Dumont was internationally acclaimed to be the first to achieve powered flight and became known as “The Father of Flight”. Though he soon was made aware of the Wright Brothers claim to be the first in the USA, and with much investigation and discussion tried to prove he was the first, Santos Dumont accepted his name as the first in Europe. Despite the debate of who was the first to build and fly, Brazilians still consider him the “Pai da Aviação.”  Santos Dumont built and flew many airplanes in his lifetime and all the while standing out of the crowd wearing a signature “Panama” Hat. Because of his accomplishments, great style and commitment to wearing our hand-made Ecuadorian “Panama” hats, we have dedicated this one to him.