The Oldest Panama: The Classic Fedora

Posted by Jackie Lopez on 11/3/2012
About 400 years ago Spaniards were said to have seen these hats predecessors on the heads of the indigenous Incas of Atahualpa. Not more than a century later, in 1630, the hat reappears in new form. It was like the hat was reborn more practical and stylish. Those of the indigenous were long hats that went down shoulder length and didn’t have any brims. The Ecuadorian “Sombreros de Paja Toquilla”, later known as “Panama hats,” were reborn with a fashionable vengeance. The style was that of the fedora that you see today. The “Classic Fedora Panama” has been around for centuries, and throughout, never losing its purpose of protection and look of prestige. It is one of the more commonly worn styles, even to this day, out of all the styles of Panama’s. Men and women alike have loved the light and airy feel…the way that it blocks the sun while keeping you cool…and the undeniable feeling of elegance, beauty, class, even royalty, that you have when you’re wearing one. And this timeless classic just keeps getting better with age. Now coming in different colors, and with different bands, you can keep the classic look that you love while adding to your collection a fresh look that would mix into your wardrobe fabulously. Take a look at some great outfit ideas and some of today’s celebs and models working different color Classic Panama’s.  They look amazing with any outfit, don’t they?