Can you roll a Panama Hat?

Posted by Xavier on 8/14/2018
Panama hats have a long standing fame of having this rollable feature, but this has been a long time misunderstanding among people.

We would all love to have that super hat that could save us so much space in our travel bags, by just rolling it and placing it in a corner. Well, in reality is possible, unfortunately when you successfully roll any Panama hat (from the most affordable one to the finer one) this will start losing its shape, making it hard to reinstate it back to its original form. The more you do it, the more it will suffer. But if you must insist on adding this convenient benefit to your wardrobe let get you the tips to get it done the best way possible.

First we have to take in consideration that this hats are hand tight from beginning to end using natural fibers. This process and material is what makes these hats so light, unique and elegant, so most Panama hat owners avoid rolling it. You have to be very careful if you don't want to damage the natural straws. Here is a great video explaining the process of safely rolling a Panama Hats.

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